Thursday, April 19, 2012

March 26, 2012

 So these are the pictures of Lee Barnes at her Baptisim.  She is doing great and is a wonderful member. Her spirit is so bright and happy.  She is becoming quite the missionary.  The next pictures are are of my companion at a Mary Kay party.  We tried some of the mens face wash stuff and added some cologne to our faces to make us look younger.  The final picture is of me drinking a Green Odools for St.patricks day. We went to Buffalo Wild wings with our friend Daniel Boone. Yes,  his name is in fact Daniel Boone.  We just call him DB.  He is a blast.  Just so everyone knows, I will be most likely getting transfered on the 5th of April.  I will have a for sure statement next Monday. I am doing great and had a wonderful birthday weekend.  Thank you everyone who helped make it so great.  I love you all!

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